We hope to have many interesting things for you in the near future, starting with the gaming world of Therodon. It's a setting for our local Role-Master game run by my wife. It's been a blast so far. We'll have house rules, setting stuff, stories, character info, and all the other fun stuff you might expect. Then there's an online 'Zine, The Pharaoh's Tomb. It's now accepting submissions, so inquire within. There's also the Le Dechuse Rose, home to all you ever wanted to know about an online game being run on the net. And last, but by no means least, there's the family picture archive. I set it up initially so the rest of my familly could watch my little girl grow up. Now I've decided to share it with everyone!

The Pharaoh's Tomb

A new online 'Zine and story archive

Wizard & Glass

Come and play with the children of the Night...and their friends from times Ancient and Opulant

The Family Photo Album.

Home to her most exalted cuteness!

What I do for a living when not enjoying myself by goofing off,
here, or elsewhere on the wacky World Wide Web.
(checking web sites, on a mux, in the news, y'all know how it is) Internal Technical support for...

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